MicroScreen Adds Second Expose Room for Increased Production

To accommodate the continued growth of our screen business, MicroScreen implemented its expansion for 2010.

A second exposure facility had been added to the existing thick film screen fabrication facility. This new exposure room includes a NuArc Tri-Light Exposure System which will accommodate fame sizes up to 42" x 60"

The entire exposure process - from vacuum drawdown through screen exposure and vacuum release - is accomplished with a single keystroke.

MicroScreen now has two exposure rooms operating simultaneously in addition to the newly-established facility for large format screens such as for printing solar cells, membrane switch assemblies, flex circuitry, heaters, etc.

Exposure Room 1                                                                                    Exposure Room 2

Both exposure rooms utilize the MicroScreen-designed Pattern Alignment Fixture. Using customer supplied artwork and MicroScreen applied orientation lines, the fixture offers an accurate and cost-effective solution for positioning artwork onto the sensitized screen.

The Pattern Alignment Fixture also increases yields in the customer's printing operation due to screen-to-screen image registration accuracy.

The next phase of our continued expansion for 2010 will be the installation of another machine for the automated application of emulsion onto the screen.