MicroScreen offers the Space Saver Frame as a method for reclaiming valuable space on the production floor. The Space Saver Frame is available in two sizes: 20"x20" and 29"x29". Both sizes are compatible with printers accepting standard frame sizes.

This frame design consists of two parts. The first part is the Space Saver "Adaptor" (master chase).  One adaptor is required for each printer on your line.

The second part is the Space Saver Frame. This frame is used to secure the polyester mesh. When the mesh is stretched on this frame, an even tension is provided on the polyester border to keep the stencil foil flat and taut. Your foils are mounted by MicroScreen on the Space Saver Frame.

29"x29" Space Saver System
Adaptor is 1" thick, frame is .5" thick = 1.5" thick total

Attachment: The Space Saver Frame is attached to the Adaptor using pins that are permanently mounted in the Adaptor.

20"X20" Space Saver Frame
Adaptor is .5" thick, frame is .5" thick = 1.0" thick total

Attachment: The Space Saver Frame has four 1/4-20 tapped holes in the corners. The Adaptor is the same except the four corner holes are clearance for the 1/4-20 bolts. Standard Adaptor is powder coated black. Green powder coat can be supplied upon request for lead free stencils.