The pattern alignment fixture from MicroScreen offers an accurate and cost-effective solution for the positioning of artwork onto sensitized screens.  Significant cost advantages can be realized with this system:
    •    Increased yields due to screen-to-screen image registration accuracy
    •    Reduced changeover and set up time on the production floor
    •    Less scrap produced during set up time
    •    Ease in alignment of artwork and training new screen room operators.

Manufactured of clear plastic, it consists of a base with pins for locating the corner holes of each frame size.  Located on the base is a block with centering lines. Film to be used with the pattern alignment fixture should be right reading, emulsion up, and should contain orientation lines for alignment with the centering lines on the fixture.
Instructions for Alignment of Positive to Screen
    1.    Place the pattern alignment fixture on a backlit (yellow) light table.
    2.    Locate the sensitized screen, print side up, on the centering block by placing the frame holes onto the pins for registration.
    3.    Position the film (with orientation marks) emulsion side down onto the sensitized screen

Align the orientation lines of the film with the centering lines on the fixture and tape the film in place.  Screen is ready for exposure.     The alignment fixture is designed specifically to match the mounting holes on standard screen frames.  For special frames, email us your drawing, and we’ll provide a fixture to match!