Coating machine applies direct emulsion

The screen coating process is as vital to emulsion performance as screen tensioning is crucial to mesh performance.

For this reason, MicroScreen uses fully automatic, PLC-controlled coating machines to assure emulsion thickness and repeatability. This is a significant step in achieving standardized and predictable screen performance for large format printing that cannot be accomplished by any other method.

Parameters, including number of coats, speed, dwell time and length of coating, have been set for the processing of all direct emulsion screens. This eliminates operator induced coating variables.

Coating machine applies capillary emulsion

Screens are coated on both sides simultaneously with uniform coating pressure and precise coater movements. This provides excellent control of emulsion and is repeatable from screen to screen and within a screen to ± one micron.

Coating machines used by MicroScreen also have the capability of applying capillary emulsion directly from the roll, which provides more uniformity than manual application. The capillary emulsion is applied smoothly and evenly onto the screen and is automatically cut at the end of the process.